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Scott LeMay is a graduate of NH Vocational College in 1987. He has more then ten years in construction and supervision, including accurate estimating, budgeting, contracting, building, purchasing, and invoicing. His experience in full on-site construction management, effective scheduling, monitoring, and inspection of all work from start to project completion allows him to work effectively with architects, engineers, developers, bankers, contractors, inspectors, city officials, and home owners. 


Scott has been in construction contracting since 1999.  He is responsible for contracting, building, and all activities on site for all home renovation and health club projects. He maintains high standards of quality workmanship and is dependable and timely on all his projects.  Scott schedules, bids, and continuously inspects all of his work, maintains his costs, and controls his overhead to stay within the budget provided. He has success with modifying projects because no detail is overlooked and addresses any issues that may cause a future problem and rectifies them promptly and properly.


Scott LeMay’s construction experience combined with his business knowledge has produced successful, quality, and honest businesses.  His personal standards for perfection and “doing the right thing” has helped him create and maintain his reputation through out the community.

SLC offers over 15 years experience in the following services to whatever extent and design it's clients require:

 ♦  Additions of any size        ♦  ! DECKS! 

                                                 (signature Scott LeMay Custom Decks)
 ♦  Bathroom Remodeling     ♦  Floors, Windows and Door Replacement
 ♦  Kitchen Remodeling         ♦  Siding -- Skylights
 ♦  Custom Carpentry            ♦  General Quality Contracting



Fully Licensed and Insured:
          Construction Supervisor          #85235
          Improvement Contractor         #155556

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